It’s game-changing, trading  alongside a Top 3% trader

Learning as he reviews the market, plans the trading day, offering commentary – all live, no hindsight. Execution, taking profit & managing risk based on orderflow, all in glorious HD.

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Suitable for future contracts, cfd’s and spreadbetting

What is going on Inside Retail Fade?

You don’t need year’s of trading experience to trade like the pro’s.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach him to fish, and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.

"The Guru Warning" to find out why we are on a mission to expose the con men "Guru's" Click Here

We are addressing the services offered by the Guru’s the ones that say buy here, sell there put your stop here. Often using a one-dimensional live room, drawing levels on candlestick charts and calling them supply or demand. This alone is nonsense. Using Whatsapp to post trades, trading demo accounts.

Avoid the Guru’s, we call them snake oil peddlers. Instead, invest in learning a method, any method one that fits your style and personality. This is not limited to the order flow or market profile. Become proficient and independent. Put in the time.

Most traders usually start looking for trading signals and signal providers after a string of losses or after months of not seeing any improvements in one’s own trading. This article will list the five biggest problems with blindly following signal services.

1. Not taking responsibility


Once a trader starts to blindly copy someone else’ signals, they are not taking responsibility for their actions. Whereas active traders have to take complete responsibility for their actions and subsequent outcomes in order to grow, passively following signals undermines the ability to learn from one’s own mistakes. These traders might be better off looking for other investment opportunities if the whole idea is to follow someone else’s strategy.


2. Neglecting the importance of Risk Management

Trading is not only about finding entries. A good trader is someone who not only understands how to find an entry but someone that also employs good risk management; In fact, many professionals argue that risk management is even more important than finding the actual entry signal. Every investor has a different risk appetite, and signal providers will not take this personal risk profile into account when making recommendations. This often results in taking too much risk after a string of losses, in an attempt to make up for losses by taking on even more risk or being too scared and not risking enough after a losing streak. All these variables impact the long term expectancy of a trading system, and a signal alone is not capable of adequately addressing these problems. A trader who does not employ basic risk management principles can easily mess up a potentially profitable trading strategy.


3. A trade is not only a “Signal.”

As just discussed, there are numerous more components to a trade than just a signal. On top of risk management, other variables such as knowing what to do once you are in a trade, how to manage positions, when and how to cut your position and how to deal with sudden changes in the markets all impact a trade. If all you have is a trade signal and then you are on your own to figure out the rest, the chances of somehow turning this signal into a long-term trading career are slim to none.


4. Not understanding the Process


A responsible and serious trader should always try to understand the whole process behind the signals that he or she is acting upon. If you don’t know how the signal provider is generating the trade signals and/or what the system is based on, it is impossible to follow up and manage the position and risk accordingly.


5. Your trading career depends on the service


What if the signal provider just suddenly stops his service or maybe restructures his internal operations without even telling you? You are back to square one and have to figure out how to go on from here. If you are really serious about trading and want to build a professional career (or a second income stream) then you should look to build your own knowledge instead of depending on someone else. Avoid dependency.


Order flow is a very dynamic
discretional trading method.

We only enter a trade when it is presented, we trade off market levels and we exit when the market allows, trades are taken live in the room with audio and noted on screen together with trade management and risk control. We have a very high success rate. This is a unique opportunity to observe a trading professional live at work using orderflow.


There are no guarantees with trading, but there is with our service to you.

Our methodology has proven to deliver results consistently over many years, to the point that we are happy to back this with a money back guarantee.
Following our daily trade plan process and demonstrating execution with live trading, we are confident in realizing at least 100 points during any calendar period (Slack and Live). If we don’t deliver we will be more happy to refund.

So not only do we walk the talk, but we also back our process by protecting the investment you are making in yourself.

weekly analysis

Every Monday we publish our weekly analysis for the week ahead

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We use a combination of technical and market profile structure to identify trends and possibilities. Simply subscribe and that’s it.

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General Questions


Order flow is a very dynamic discretional trading method, we only enter a trade when it is presented, we trade off market levels and we exit when the market allows, trades are taken live in the room with audio and noted on screen together with trade management and risk control. We have a very high success rate. This is a unique opportunity to observe a trading professional live at work using orderflow.

  • The Emini (or E-mini or ES) is a futures contract that tracks the S&P 500 stock market index.
  • Suitable for Futures Contracts, CFD’s and or Spreadbetting
  • The Orderflow room focuses on Market profile for intraday context.
  • We Track professional activity, key levels of volume and momentum
  • We utilise the footprint for imbalance activity at the levels for entry and exit
  • The probabilities v’s risk is calculated to give us the edge we need.

We serve the retail market but have a few institutional clients, so from single contract guys to traders of size.
Its all about the process.

Suitable for Futures, CFD’d and Spreadbetting Traders

  • Sun PM – Weekend Homework Video
  • 10 Min before US Open – Armed with the overnight data we discuss our trade plan with bias
  • US Open  We live trade the ES with commentary and explanation. We aim to complete the session within the first 3 hours of the trading session
  • Short Term Swings are posted throughout the day on our dedicated Slack Channel
  • Resources exclusively available to members of the room that included an expanding video section. Trading glossary and other key learnings. Most of which others will sell for thousands of dollars.
  • Charts and technology advice, everything that our professional trader uses to trade is available to retail traders at retail prices. (You do not need to replicate his technology to be a member, his charts are delivered in stunning HD).

Shadow trading, trading calls or copying trades does not work, every trader has different risk tolerance, they may hedge they may not etc. We 100% don’t recommend this approach. Use this service as confirmation, information. See what a professional trader considers, how he manages risk and manages the trade. How he applies discipline into a real-life routine. Give a man a fish and he eats today or teach him to fish and he is never hungry again…..


Yes, we offer a 5 session trial, click on membership at the top of the page


Great trader and amazing support

Great trader and amazing support! Love his work

Crofx , Member

This is a amazing opportunity to learn…

This is a amazing opportunity to learn order flow from a real life trader, and an absolute bargain to learn order flow and have a mentor at the same time. Sometimes life hands you a gift, this is one of those.

Mike , Member

Exceptional Real-time access to a day trader

Wills ability to explain complex market forces with humour and easy to understand language, is beaten only with his approachability, no honest question is too silly. Exceptional real-time access to a day trader, who trades live with you.

Jon , Member

Orderflow is the way to go

Being a trader for some years have brought me to Retailfade. Looking at Will's weekly updates made me realise that orderlfow is a must for your trading arsenal. When Will's speaks in the live room everything is made so simple and easy to follow. Highly recommended for the newby trader!


For market profile and footprint chart trading look no more

This service will teach you to use Daltons market profiles, and footprint chart withl all the secret souce of wills expiriance. But most importantly for novice traders, you will learn humblness and patience that will preserv your finanvial and kore importantly emotional capital

Dušan JOVIČIĆ , Member - Instituitional


Day after day my trading is getting better, I have been a member for 4 months, I recently upgraded to the Lifetime membership, I wish I did that day one.
I am now consistent, learning that trading for "what Will calls home runs" every day is just not good trading, changing this while leaving a runner., managing my risk has transformed my bottom line.
I have been a member of so many trading rooms, most call themselves educational but to be honest, they just want your money.

Alex , Member - Ex CME Floor Trader

Follow a Highly Effective Day Trader

Will has a vast amount of experience using this technique. He is diligent, manages his risk (and, if you follow his ideas, your risk) extremely well. He is relentless - he simply bags points on ES/ SPX every day. More or less without fail. The results posted on the website are accurate - 100%. I've watched him do it...

GM , Member

Outstanding and exceptional service!

I am fortunate to be introduced to the retailfade service. I just took a trial back in March and truly humbled by realtime professional trading environment and experience that Will brings to the table each and everyday. Will is a veteran pro trader who trades emini and other futures markets based on market profile/orderflow techniques and is totally transparent and honest in his approach. He truly cares for his members and willing to help them in anyway with education and guidance to make them successful. There are other experienced members in the room who share valuable information in slack chat rooms along with realtime swing trade alerts that Will brings in slack channel. I couldn’t imagine such an invaluable service offered at a very reasonable cost. I quickly committed myself into a lifetime membership and since then there is no looking back. Consistency and risk management is the key to successful trading and you see that in action each and everyday in the room as Will executes his trade plan. Will, Thank you for such a great service and humor that you bring to the room everyday.

MK_Trader , Member

Must Have!

One who wants to learn - will find here knowledge. One who wants to get or expand his own experience - will get and expand it here. One who wants to find exact trading strategy - its here, simple, effective and profitable. One who wants to improve the exact edge - risk management, emotions control, trade approach and position management - it is perfect place to do it. One who wants to find dedicated community - you are welcome! It is also transparent, consistent and fair. All of this for just symbolic fee. (And for ones who do not want to think and feel the pain - you are able to just copy trades live. Almost free lunch.)

Sergey , Instituitional Level Member

Hard work but it's the real deal.

Have recently joined but already know Will is the real deal. Will has a wealth of knowledge and it's amazing to see and hear him trade. Tells you exactly what he is looking at, what his thought process is. If you want a red/green light indicator, don't bother. But if you want to learn order flow trading (market and volume profile charts, footprint charts, heatmap), I have never seen anyone present these and trade live at the same time. There is no strict course or study program which can be daunting to the absolute beginner. Perhaps in time, Will may create a structured training program. But until then, I am happy to watch and ask questions and then practice on my own.

M Pattel , Member

This service has been essential for me in winning a challenge, and still is! No surprise I'm a Lifetime member.

I have been following Will’s Retailfade Trading Room for about 6 months now, and I find that my performance has improved greatly ever since! Will’s live commentary is extremely useful as he interprets the way the market moves; associating this to the levels he identifies, I get great clarity on what’s happening at all times! It’s this clarity that allows Will to manage his trades very well: I witnessed first hand well over 90% successful days rate. (actually I think I’ve seen 3 or 4 losing days in 6 months, I know I know... it’s hard to believe..) And I’m getting there as well myself, slow but steady! I truly believe that this service is essential for the intraday traders who are trying to win a challenge, as well as those already funded and trading real money. No surprise I purchased the Lifetime Membership right away.

Raffa , Member - Founder of Funded Trader

Great trading service!

Great trading service with Will who shares his long term experience in SP 500. Join in!

Joakim , Member

Professional Daytrading!

I joined Retail Fade 2 months ago. Very good choice! Great people, great service. In this professional environment you can really learn how to day trade as a Pro!!

Leon , Member

Best live Trading and orderflow service

Superb Orderflow volume profile LIVE trader, been part of Will service since February19- so about 6months now and I can tell you it is worth every penny! You won’t find anyone else trading their live account in front of everyone to see - yes! Live as action happens - it’s like putting your balls on table for everyone to see in black and white... there is no place to hide or manipulate here! Anyway superb trader in being humble / help full/ firm with risk management and making sure users adheres to it by calling it a day when good profits banked. Excellent daily and weekly review of how market flows and how buyers and sellers battle out each day - awesome! When things don’t go as planned - risk is also managed with lighting up and ensure capital is protected?

Mohammed Ali , Member

The Most transparent trader you’ll find.

The Most transparent trader that I’ve come across. Everything from the trade plan, where the levels come from, order entry, stops, scales, account performance (live view). You see it all. I’ve been with traders who talk about things like exhaustion, but refuse to explain how they come up with it, or talk about having a good day trading, but never show you how they execute. Then there’s the one that can’t show you some stuff because it’s their secret. Back to levels, many won’t show you how to come up with them since that is what they are selling you. Run away from these people as fast as you can. They will teach you nothing. Really happy with what Will brings to the table. If I find anything that is not to my liking I will not hesitate to share that as well, but so far so good. That being said success is up to me. If I fail I will only have myself to blame.

Ralph , Member

An essential service for anyone trading markets.

An essential service for anyone trading markets, whether experienced or not. Will shares his experience as a professional trader in a clear and concise way. Will is very supportive and along with videos and weekly updates you have everything a trader needs. A great sense of humour helps pass those quiet days and puts the fun into trading.

Adam , Member

Nothing but praise!

So refreshing to find someone of Will's expertise and experience willing to help young traders. He is is incredibly patient, readily available, and quite humble. Nothing sexy to his daily approach to the markets -just methodical preparation and disciplined risk management which almost always results in a positive PnL at the end of the day. Glad to have stumbled upon him and look forward to continually interacting with him.

Kevin , Member

Fantastic service!

Simply put, RetailFade is excellent. Will is a professional trader (with 25+ years of experience), who banks profit almost every single day. His read of Order Flow and the Profile is second to none. Equally impressive is Will’s patience in explaining his thinking and market understanding…and stamina to talk non-stop for 2-3h each trading session! Furthermore, Will’s generosity and attitude of gratitude are a rare commodity in this big bad world of trading. He has helped me beyond the call of duty!

Sami , Member

How to Make Complex Ideas Easy

How to Make Complex Ideas Easy to Understand for Everyone ? Follow Wills weekly videos. "When we understand he's videos, we'll have won the battle.

Boris , Member

Honest Solid and very educational

I have tried many trading room services, most are a complete con, I moved from one based in Europe, a Dax centric service, the problem was he was trading a Demo Account, posting huge profits, holding trades with huge stops or no stops. Will is trading a live account, he is over cautious, but I like that. You will learn a lot, I take the live room and the Trade calls and fully recommend it.

JK , Member

No B.S. Zone

When you're done with hype, when you're done with marketing and promises, when you're done with games, you're ready for R.F. No B.S., learn how to pay the bills everyday and grow your account without taking losses doing cowboy trades. Every dynasty has a coach as a lynchpin, but, isn't successful without a QB that will throw the ball when his man is open. R.F. will give you the confidence, the coach, to not take moronic trades while learning the inside of the market. Then again, I'd prefer you don't subscribe...cause that just means there is one more small fish out there getting ready to get eaten. Cheers!

Luc , Member

Will is a great teacher

This service is not a promise to get rich, or an alert service. Will tells you his thoughts and why he is looking to get long or short. This is not a promise from the "guru's" on twitter with no skin in the game. I would recommend Will to anyone. I only wish he could stay on the mic longer!


Truly Professional

A great service offered by Will. His professionalism is evident in his meticulous planning and narrative that is published every trading day. Very thorough, yet simplistic and consistently profitable. Thank you very much Will!

Christian , Member


Very professional and successful trader generously sharing his wealth of knowledge in a humorous and easy to understand way. Very grateful to be part of the team learning and improving daily. Thank you!

Sanne , Member

An unvaluable trading support!

An invaluable trading support! Will’s energetic ambition to transfer his experienced knowledge is absolutely great.

Sven , Member

Great charts

great charts, well explained, and good trades

Umar , Member

One Year Update

Thought it would be helpful to update my review after one year of membership.
It is now obvious why the membership is offered as lifetime. Im feel part of the team, not just a paying subscriber.

Im now trading with a calm attitude, 80% of those stress situations have just gone, I'm consistently profitable, now focused on compounding (Will's favourite words).

Thanks Will, you are a god send.

Alex , Member

Will is the Coach I was looking for

I recently joined the room after hearing an interview of Will talking. He reminded me and sounded like my very first mentor who was also from Sweden so I took a chance and joined. I'm so glad I did. Being a business owner myself, I understand the importance of having a good coach/mentor to guide you along the path. Since joining the room about 2 weeks ago, we haven't had 1 losing day. But the biggest thing is that since he teaches us, I feel like I am actually learning how to trade and not simply copying someone else's trades like I did in other rooms. Will is very patient to put on a trade but quick to take it off if it's not working. He is the exact mentor I was looking for and I'm so glad I joined. I have the life-time membership so if you join you'll see me in the room daily!

Blair Baxter , Member
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