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Build the skills required for profit
then fine tune for consistency

Pre-Membership Message, a bit more detail about what we do, and why we are different.


We are less an aircraft carrier and more a torpedo boat.

Our service is friendly, small and intimate. Be as passive or as active as you wish. Our members cover the spectrum of experience, for example; a Professional trading desk based in New York, an Asset Management firm with $250m AUM all the way to single lot beginners and everything in between.

We love our clients..

…they have rated us excellent 

Our Pricing Plans

costing under a tick a day

  • included / monthly Eq

  • A mixture of proprietary and non proprietary Trade levels and zones of interest complete with key market profile and historical levels that are updated daily and automatically plotted onto your NinjaTrader 8 and Sierra Charts, please see the video below on this page for more detail.ES Trade Zone Levels
  • 10 Min before the US cash open we walk through our market plan including key levels and scenarios for the session aheadPre-Market Planning
  • Our Live room is open for commentary for the first 1 to 2 hours of each US session, our focus is ES Mini. Live Room
  • Live Charts, We deliver via HD Zoom, our live charts, these include, footprint, Market Profile, Full Depth Bookmap and InternalsLive Charts
  • Shared via zoom, this is a $189 value service that we have filtered for the ES Mini, it's available during our live sessions into the close.TTN Live Squawk
  • Delivered via Zoom, our one to one app on our web site, this is a full hour per month, an invaluable resource to help you with any specific issues.One on One Mentorship
  • Access to our course materialCourses
  • Access to our video libraryVideo Tutorials
  • Impromtu sessions that will cover specific subject materialLive Q and A
  • Weekly anaylysis to fix context for the week aheadWeekly Market Analysis
  • Before the US Open we post market profile analysis complete with scenarios and levels to watch for the ES contractPre-US Market Profile Analysis
  • Immediate Access
  • Retail Fade Levels

  • $25

    Paid Quarterly
    (+$139 Retail Fade Indicator)

  • See the video below on this page for more details.
  • Live Service Quarterly

  • $269

    Paid Quarterly
    ($125 7 days trial)

All commercial desk enquiries should reach out directly for a custom quote, click here.

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Exclusive NinjaTrader 8 and Sierra Chart Indicator and Daily Level service

The Retail Fade level indicator & daily level update service.

Proprietary levels and key volume profile technical levels delivered directly to your charts updated daily for less than a dollar a day.


There are no guarantees with trading, but there is with our service to you.

Our methodology has proven to deliver results consistently over many years, to the point that we are happy to back this with a money back guarantee.
Following our daily trade plan process and demonstrating execution with live trading, we are confident in realizing at least 100 points during any calendar period (Slack and Live). If we don’t deliver we will be more happy to refund.

So not only do we walk the talk, but we also back our process by protecting the investment you are making in yourself.


Funded Trader Interview

Funded Trader recently interviewed us, the conversation focused on the journey from professional desk trader to retail trading, we discuss what’s important and what’s not and how we deliver positive results week after week

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